THE INSIDE SCOOP: Why is the Obama family drinking Kangen Water?


Michelle Obama recently came out and spoke about the importance of drinking water, in an effort to increase awareness about how simply drinking more water can have significant health benefits. THE ARTICLE: (,0,7521760.story#axzz2mX1tQlIl)

However, her actions have gained her ALLOT of criticism which we know all to well. We advise people to drink 1/2 their body weight in fluid oz’s of water each day (about 1 gallon), and this is highly recommended by doctors who are getting great results, Dr. Hiromi Shinya M.D. for example  (Inventor of the colonoscopy).

Here are some criticisms that have been made against Michelle Obama’s outreach:

#1: Drinking more water is not recommended, and has not been proven to do anything for us.

#2: She should have spoke out against soda, along with drinking more water.

#3: This is all an add campaign to get people to drink more brand water.


Well… as you can see, Dr. Gerald Bresnahan M.D. who is the current cardiologist to the first family recommends drinking Kangen Water, but Why?

Before we tell you about Kangen Water, here is more information about Gerald…


So, what is Kangen Water? Just the facts…

• There are already over 1000 businesses like stores, clinics, chiropractors, gyms, salons, restaurants, & offices that are using Kangen Water™ in addition to hundreds of celebrities like Steven Tyler and Julian Michaels.

• Enagic is licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (their FDA) to produce medical devices; a Japanese doctor could prescribe the water from the machine on my countertop to his patients; no other company has this license.

• The Enagic machine is endorsed by the Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult Diseases (over 6,500 medical doctors); no other machine has this endorsement.

• Enagic machines are in over 250 hospitals in Japan; many have a machine in every room.

• Go to for more endorsement and license certifications.

• Kangen Water™, which only comes from an Enagic machine, is heartily endorsed by world-renowned Dr. Hiromi Shinya (developer of the colonoscopy and the colonoscopy polypectomy procedure called The Shinya Method”).

• Kangen Water™ is also heartily endorsed by Dr. Horst Filtzer, Harvard med school grad (1965), renowned vascular surgeon who was Chairman and Resident Training Program Director for Cambridge Hospital.

• Enagic machines are made with large plates of the highest quality titanium and medical grade platinum insuring optimal electrical conductivity for medical grade water.

• The Enagic flagship model, the SD-501, has technology that you could only get for between $180,000 to $400,000 just 25 years ago. Through their technological expertise the engineers at Enagic are able to produce the same quality medical grade water for less than you already are paying for bottled or brand water.

Besides having a positive impact on my health long term, Is it more expensive than buying bottled water? 

Answer: No, buying bottled water can cost THOUSANDS of dollars per year. Purchasing an Enagic machine ($44/mo) SAVES you money because we often spend MORE than $44/mo for our bottled water – that does nothing for our health.

Look at the long term savings of making an investment in quality medical equipment water technology…


These machines are built to last a lifetime, and withstand the test of time. Many units are still around and are 30 years old, still working perfectly. You have been introduced to the very best, but its up to you to make that decision on your own. So, I leave you with this video if you would like to learn more, just remember…

*It’s less the cost of buying bottled water

*It has tremendous health benefits for those who drink allot of it

*Been around in hospitals since 1965, and withstood the test of time

*100% Eco-Friendly, not harmful for the environment, and takes plastic out of the equation.


Jesse Villalobos
Molecular Hydration Specialist
(310) 902-0271




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I help advise people about the healthiest water on the planet - Kangen Water. Kangen Water means "Return To Origin" in Japanese. The properties that water has in its natural state, with life force energy. This technology has been used in Top Japanese hospitals since the 1950's... and I'm sure your anxious to learn more. The company has brilliant payment options for those who can't afford a single payment. Watch this video to learn more about it, I'm happy to give you all the information, I am a Molecular Hydration Specialist, specializing in biological alternative medicine. I work with people who have complicated degenerative diseases AND those who are looking for the best water. Here is a video presentation/demonstration about this medical technology equipment.

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