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Salt – Regular sea salt, iodized salt, or table salt has been refined and is acidic, oxidizing (aging), and contains no minerals. When ingested this salt removes minerals from our body, oxidizes (ages) and invites an acidic environment in the body (irregular blood homeostasis). Pink Himalayan salts, or other high mineral salts such as Bamboo Salt aid the body because it is alkaline, anti-oxidant, and rich with 84 minerals to help maintain balance in the body.

Sugar – In nature, anything with a high sugar content also has a high vitamin/mineral content. In our grocery store, the only thing with sugar with nutrition is fruit, juices, and superfoods. Adding sugar too much to your food can be harmful to your health, and if we do add sugar, we should make sure our sugar contains vitamins/minerals. (coconut sugar, date sugar, etc).

Water – Today, “living water” cannot be accessed unless we live close to a well-known spring that has been tested for anti-oxidants, and very few springs in the world do (Tlacote, Mexico, Lourdes, France etc) The problem with drinking water today is it’s not anti-oxidant, the water today (bottled, tap, filtered, distilled, purified, r/o, etc)  is oxidizing our body (aging us), is acidic (irregular pH balance), and cannot be absorbed deep into the tissues.

Ionized water, on the other hand is the worlds highest source of anti-oxidants, is very alkaline, and has micro-fine water molecules to penetrate deep into tissue to allow for superior absorption/hydration. These three properties work in synergy to provide us with “living water” which we can use to aid our bodys in the fight against oxidation, acid waste, toxins, dehydration, and much more. To learn more about the very best water ionizer – Enagic LeveLuk Series (best company in the world, used in hospitals since 1965, certified as medical equipment) Best machines, and largest price range, with amazing payment options – making this water MORE affordable than buying bottled or delivered water. Make the switch today! Email me: h2owatersource@gmail for FREE INFO & Guide.

Vitamins & Minerals – Vitamins and minerals in the form of capsuls do not absorb more than 20% in the body. When people die, doctors often find vitamin capsuls in their intestines that never absorbed. This is because vitamins and minerals have become so isolated, that the body cannot recognize them. Our solution, is to advise everyone to make the switch to Liquid Vitamins. They taste great, can be mixed with juice, and don’t make you choke when you swallow because its liquid. Liquid vitamins absorb up to 95% in the body, so we don’t need to take as much.

Jesse Villalobos, Molecular Hydration Specialist


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I help advise people about the healthiest water on the planet - Kangen Water. Kangen Water means "Return To Origin" in Japanese. The properties that water has in its natural state, with life force energy. This technology has been used in Top Japanese hospitals since the 1950's... and I'm sure your anxious to learn more. The company has brilliant payment options for those who can't afford a single payment. Watch this video to learn more about it, I'm happy to give you all the information, I am a Molecular Hydration Specialist, specializing in biological alternative medicine. I work with people who have complicated degenerative diseases AND those who are looking for the best water. Here is a video presentation/demonstration about this medical technology equipment.

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